How to keep children entertained at a wedding


Weddings are a special day for almost everyone. However, one demographic of people who don’t always get swept up in the beauty and glamour of a wedding are the little ones. No matter how great the wedding reception is, children of young ages are likely to get a little bored if there isn’t enough there to keep their playful spirits occupied. So, when you are organising your own wedding, how do you cater for the kids that are going to be attending? We have a few ideas for you…

Hire a bouncy castle

Don’t underestimate how much time children can spending bouncing up and down. If it is within your budget, hiring a bouncy castle will provide them with endless hours of entertainment. It might even be a hit with the grown-ups later in the evening once the booze starts flowing.

Face painting

There might not be many ways to keep a group of children still whether you are at a wedding or not. But one thing they’ll certainly sit patiently for is a face painting. They can turn themselves into their favourite superhero or Disney princess.

Have a kids table for the meal

Kids will quickly get bored surrounded by the grown-ups and their adult conversations as the meals are served. Wedding organisers may, therefore, be interested in having a special table for the kids with their own set menu and some puzzle or board games to play (i.e. word searches, colouring books, funny hats they can customise). You may even consider hiring someone to look after them for a few hours.

And maybe even one for the evening do

Children may not always be inclined to join in the dancing, so you could extend this kids table idea to the evening portion of your event. A particularly good idea may be to give them some wedding themed arts and crafts to do – designing their own dresses, creating their own hand-drawn cakes or making cards.

Stock or hire a candy table

Nothing keeps children entertained like some delicious candy. You may have already considered a chocolate fountain, but you could also look into a large sweet cart or ice cream vendor to really bring a smile to the faces of the little ones at your wedding.

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