Kids’ Party Ideas For 2015

1. Frozenfrozen-themed-party

Probably the most popular kids’ movie of 2013 (and 2014), Frozen-themed birthday partieshave  skyrocketed in recent months.

Start by asking all of your guests to dress up in a Frozen-themed outfit; whether that’s one of the characters or a simple frosty frock. The Birthday In A Box website has a ton of accessories and props, from Frozen pinatas, balloons and banners, to thmelted-olafemed cutlery and even a winter candy buffet kit!

If you prefer to do things a littlemore DIY, has tons of ideas, from snowmen milkbottles to Olaf banana treats and frozen hot chocolate recipes. Use a snowflake cookie cutter to make everything snowflake-shaped (yes, even sandwiches!).

And when it comes to making things look shimmery, silver glitter is your friend. (Except perhaps not the day after…)


Lego has been one of the most popular kids’ toys since its very creation, and that doesn’t look set to change anytime soon! You can be sure that a LEGO-themed party lego-themed-partywill be a hit with other kids and never go out of style.

Try serving Lego-decorated cupcakes along with a Lego-brick shaped birthday cake, and stick to the main primary colours of red, blue, green, yellow, black and white for your decorations. There are many LEGO party packs available, which include Lego character-straws, photo booth props, bunting and even invitations. Just speak to your local LEGO store or click here for more inspiration.

3. Minecraft

If a LEGO- themed party is on the cards, then why not Minecraft? Since going mainstream, the addictive game has been likened to ‘virtual Lego’ and has played the same role in stimulating kids’ cminecraft-cakereativity since its inception.

There is a plethora of places online from which to get your Minecraft props and accessories, including Printabell (for invitations); Etsy (Minecraft pinata), and the blog Homemayde Cakes (for full tutorials on Minecraft-themed baking). You’ll also want to get your banners, bunting and cupcake toppers from The Party Animal.

4. Soft Play Parties

If you don’t fancy the idea of letting kids loose in your home, soft-play party venues are a perfect option for kids with lots of energy. Venues like Spaceworld are a perfect choice for kids’ parties in Liverpool as they provide a secure environment in which kids can play, learn and improve motor skills. (And parents have a prime chance to relax!)soft-play-party

If you choose a themed soft-play center, why not stick to that theme for the rest of your party? Get kids to dress as astronauts for an outer space-themed center, or as wild animals for a jungle-themed one. You can give away party bags to reflect the ongoing theme and maybe even translate it to the birthday cupcakes.

5. Trip to the Zoo

A trip to the zoo can be perfect for very young children who may wish for a quieter birthday. Not recommended for large groups of children, but for smaller groups of kids it can be a dream – particularly if you’ve got a couple of other parents on hand to help.

Involve the kids by dressing them up as their favourite animal (this can be a perfect opportunity to get the facepaints andzoo-birthday-party cute animal onesies out!) Guide kids around the zoo and tell them about the animals they’re seeing. Allow them plenty of time to play with the interactive information points the zoo has to offer and use the experience as a chance to teach them about respect to animals.

Many zoos like Chester Zoo specially cater for kids’ birthday parties, including great perks like unlimited drinks, ice cream and pre-mapped explorer trails.

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